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Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson
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While Andrew Tate is incarcerated, his hair is the center of attention.

On Wednesday, new images of Andrew Tate surfaced, showing just how badly prison has impacted Tate's appearance, particularly his hair.

On Wednesday, new images of Andrew Tate surfaced, showing just how badly prison has impacted Tate’s appearance, particularly his hair.

In Romania, authorities are holding Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan Tate in preventative arrest as they look into rape and human trafficking charges.

Tate is plainly feeling the effects of prison life after the two were first taken into custody at the end of December 2022.

Tate looks to have grown out his hair in the just made public photographs, which also show off a beard, a thick mustache, and a spotty receding hairline.

Tate previously provided followers a somber account of life in jail, claiming that his cell was dark and had “cockroaches” and “bedbugs.”

However, despite his less-than-luxurious surroundings, some people were surprised to see Tate sporting hair because they thought the former kickboxer was bald.

Tate previously claimed he “was not bald” and that he shaved his head on purpose. Despite the fact that it had been years since the former kickboxer had been spotted with hair,

On The Ahmad Mahmood Show the previous year, Tate claimed, “I could grow my hair out no issue.”

And Tate’s pictures show that he could grow his hair out, though not as much as some people were led to believe.

Tate’s thinning hair was made fun of by internet celebrity Hasan Abi in a tweet that read, “Can’t believe he has the arrogance to pretend he’s bald by choice.”

Tate’s hairline was the target of further jokes made by other people.

Tate appeared in public in support of his appeal against continued detention in Romania. Since it was rejected, he must stay for an additional 30 days.

Tate quickly went on a Twitter rage where he likened himself to Nelson Mandela.

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